First Looks

First Looks. This is a topic that many people in the wedding industry have very different opinions on. Some believe it may take the emotion away from that moment when walking down the aisle and others, myself included, believe it is truly one of the most memorable and special moments of the day. We did first looks because we got married in January before Daylight Savings Time so it was going to be dark after our ceremony. We wanted to do all of our family and bridal party pictures at Boone Hall but we had to do it before while the sun was out. My planner originally suggested first looks for us. I waited in a separate room while she assembled my husband with his back turned for me to walk down to him while our photographer captured our first moments together. It was breathtaking. I was so nervous. What would he think of how I looked? Would he be nervous too? All these things running through my mind, but when he turned around with the biggest smile on his face I was instantly calmed. It was so precious to have these 15 minutes together with no one around just to be with each other before all of the bustle began. We stood there trying not to cry and laughing at how amazingly happy we were. The images are my favorites of him and I. Even looking at them today makes all of the emotions of that day rush back to me. So I am all for first looks. Take those few quite moments to enjoy the excitement of your day together. You won’t be sorry you did.

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Venue: Boone Hall Plantation | Wedding Gown: Gown Bouqitue of Charleston | Photographer: Kerri Crutchfield Photography | Floral: Sara York Grimshaw Designs


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