Save Me, San Francisco

So after a very long and much-needed family filled weekend I’m back! This weekend we began planning our trip for San Francisco next year. My husband has never been to San Francisco so this will be an exciting trip for us as I will get to share this city that has been a major part of my life with him. So the first thing we did was not look for airline tickets or hotel rooms. We made a list of all the fabulous places we are going to eat at. Go figure.

1. Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers – 24th Street, Noe Valley

I grew up going to San Francisco once a year to visit my grandpa. He lived on Douglas Street in Noe Valley, right around the corner from 24th Street and about 4 blocks up from Barney’s. It was one of our favorite places and we aet there everytime we were in town. It was tucked away, in what I imagine use to be a house, and had an outdoor patio. It had a very “homey” feel to it. Add burgers, steak fries, and homemade milkshakes then it’s the Disney World of food for a kid. Now that I am older and my palette a bit more refined I appreciate their quality and variety of food. It’s a “must” if you’re going to the city anytime soon and very kid friendly.

2. Happy Donuts – Church Street at 24th Street Noe Valley

Happy Donuts is a San Francisco thing. Every time we would catch the train at Church & 24th to go to Union Square to ride the cable car or shop we HAD to go into Happy Donuts. I love donut holes. These are by far the best ones I have ever had. I would get half a dozen donut holes and a carton of milk. Then I was ready for our adventure.

3. Capp’s Corner – Powell Street in North Beach

Capp’s Corner is what I imagine our Italian food experience in Italy will be like. It is true family style. You pay a set price per person and you get family sized portions of soup, salad and your choice of entrees. It is a smaller, intimate place. It is comfortable and some place all the locals go. You walk in and all the staff instantly make you feel like friends. The food is amazing. Huge bowls of linguine with mussels and clams, plates of spaghetti and meatballs, and endless bread are constantly passing you by. For a girl like me who loves pasta, it is heaven.

I could go on and on and on, but I won’t. I, of course, will be updating as we get further along in our planning stages. Oh and they’ll be a blog post or two dedicated to this trip so be on the look out. For now, maybe you should start planning your trip to San Francisco.


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