Favorite Friday

I have decided to start blogging on Fridays about something that is “My Favorite”. So from now on Fridays will be referred to as “Favorite Friday”. Today on my favorite list is bags. Purses, satchels, or beach bags, basically bags of all kinds. I have been on a mission to find a cross-body bag for our European adventure in September. While on my mission I have come across some gorgeous finds, with the help of Style Find from InStyle, that I must share! I adore the juicy purple leather Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and must have it for the Fall. The Nine West foldover is perfect for that leisurely stroll downtown or in the park. The Cole Haan tote is an absolute must-have for the beach, tons of pockets!!! Enjoy!

Top Left: Marc by Marc Jacobs – Totally Turnlock Shifty, Bottom Left: Nine West – Hey Jute Stripe Foldover, Right: Cole Haan – Jitney Chevron Print Kendra Tote


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