Goodbye America, Ciao Italia

In case you didn’t know…in 9 days my hunny and I are about to embark on our honeymoon to Europe! Yes, Europe. A 12 Day Grand Mediterranean Cruise on the Carnival Magic….and oh how I absolutely, cannot wait. However, up until that Saturday when we are sipping champagne on our flight to Spain I have to continue my planning. In my research on traveling to Europe I have come across some handy tidbits of information from Fodor’s Travel that I thought everyone can use! They might actually give you an excuse to go on a European excursion of your own!

Travel Photography 101: Explains all the do’s and don’ts of documenting your trip via camera.

Best Cards for Travelers: Credit, Debit, and Reward: All the in’s and out’s of using your choice of plastic while traveling abroad.

Lastly, and probably my favorite being a woman and all….Know What to Wear: Clothing Tips for Long Flights: You know as a woman you want to look good always. You don’t want to step off the plane in Europe on your honeymoon in Victoria’s Secret Sweats with PINK on your bum and your hair in an awkward side pony from where you were sleeping. This article tells you how to travel with comfort and class.

Ciao Bella! 

From: 1PhotoBlog


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