Enough to Make Your Mouth Water

As you can tell I love food…so it’s no surprise that desserts would appear on the blog. In events clients are always looking for a new and fresh approach. They want their event to be unique to their guests and to “wow” them. Whether it’s for a birthday party, wedding or corporate function everyone is always searching for those details that will make their event unforgettable. Desserts are not so boring anymore. Weddings are not just about fabulous wedding cakes and smores are not just for camp fires. I’ve done some digging and found some new twist on some of our classic desserts to “wow” your guests. Don’t drool too much!


As you can tell popsicles are being reinvented all over America lately. The Sweetest Occasion has some of the “sweetest” ideas for any occasion.

From: Bakers Royale


A classic favorite for those fall/winter events where a fire pit might be involved. Desserts for Breakfast gives this timeless treat a whole new twist by transforming it into cake form! Oh boy how I wouldn’t share a cakelette for anything.

From: Desserts for Breakfast


Recently, Charleston has had its own Macaroon Boutique open up on John Street.The best macaroon’s I’ve ever had. They are delectable, little bits of sweetness. Perfect for a lighter dessert with big flavor. Light and yummy in chocolate, raspberry, hazelnut and pistachio flavors. Oh so delicious!

From: The Cinderella Project


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