Airplane Etiquette

Over the past two weeks I’ve spent around 24 hours on airplanes. During these long flights I have realized a few etiquette rules that some people have seem to forgotten or were not taught as I was growing up. I wanted to share them with you so on your next flight your fellow passengers will not give you annoyed looks.

1. On our international flight all the seats had tv screens in the back of the head rest. Well if the person in front of you brings their own airplane seat cover (yes these exist) then how can you watch movies or use your screen at all to pass the time? Please be courteous and remember there are other people trying to relax on this very long flight and your seat cover, unless it has a hole in it for their screen, will not make your fellow passengers love you.

2. No matter how hard you slam your tray table into the back of the seat it will not close unless you are working the latch properly. Please be aware that slamming the tray table into the back of the seat does jolt the person in front of you.

3. Be aware of your fellow passengers. If the person behind you is still eating their meal it is not very kind to lower your seat back so their tray table is up to their chin. Wait a few moments for them to finish and then you can sit back and relax without having someone complain.

These are just a  few tips to help make your travels fun and restful. For more travel tips and forums no matter where your destination check out Fodor’s website. They have it all!

What are some travel tips you’ve learned on your adventures?

Our yummy airplane food on our Lufthansa flight 🙂 Pasta with spicy red sauce and even tiramisu!


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