European Honeymoon Adventure Part 1: The French Riviera

The French Riviera is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Lush with greenery, flowers, and rolling hills flowing with homes all the way down to the pure blue Mediterranean Sea. It’s definitely something to marvel at.

We visited Eze, Nice and Monte Carlo on our tour in Monaco. In Eze we climbed to the top of a hill that had the only panoramic views in the area. The entire climb felt like we were stepping back in time. Old stone streets lined the way. There were the most beautiful shops in every nook and cranny selling jewelry and art work. Once you had finally made it to the top to this cactus garden you got the most stunning panoramic view of the Riviera. It was breathtaking. On our way down we had the most heavenly croissant. Light, flakey and oh so yummy! I’d love to go back and spend some more time exploring.

Nice had more of a city vibe yet, very historical with stone streets and tiny alleys to get lost in. We visited the open air market that was a block away from the beach. The water was shockingly blue. We wandered out to the water and strolled through the streets admiring all the antique treasures that you could find there. Picturesque is the word I would use to describe Nice. I could definitely abandon my American ways and move to a tiny little apartment and be French for a year or two. I will be back to lay on this beach and soak up the sun.

My future apartment in Nice.

We then made our way down to the Monaco and Monte Carlo. The palace, oceanographic museum and the barracks were all together to form this square atop the mountain side. We strolled down a side street to a tiny restaurant where we had the most amazing lunch. We sat outside under huge umbrellas, felt the breeze blow and drank crisp white wine. It was like being in a movie. After lunch we made our way down to the Monte Carlo Casino. I have never seen wealth so abundantly. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci lined the streets as Bentley’s rolled by. Classic Monte Carlo.

If you are going to Monaco anytime soon definitely take a tour to visit Eze and Nice or else you will be missing out on some stunning views and unique gems of the French Riviera. Bask in the sun, eat heavenly food, and drink lots of wine all while staring out at the bright blue water. It’s all a girl could ask for.


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