European Honeymoon Adventure Part 2: Rome and The Vatican

Rome is like being in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angles all at once. I have never been in a busier city in my entire life. As you walk down the streets of People’s Square towards the Spanish Steps they are lined with every designer store you can possibly imagine. Rodeo Drive ain’t got nothing on Rome. The sidewalks are about 5 feet wide, maybe. You try not to step into traffic because the drivers pay no attention to traffic laws and if you don’t watch out they’ll be a scooter on the sidewalk. All through this madness we were running through People’s Square trying to find the Trevi Fountain. They also do not grid their streets like NYC or SF does, so you have to pay very close attention or you’ll walk right past it and end up almost to the Colosseum as we did. After finally deciphering our map we turned a corner off this small alley and there it was! It made all the scurrying to find it completely worth it. Magnificant and much larger than anticipated, the Fountain is literally tucked away off this alley. I kissed a coin and made a wish as Chris threw it in. It is definitely something that should top your “must-see” list for Rome.

(click to enlarge photos)

After lunch we headed to the Vatican Museum. If you love art this is one place you should see. It holds the largest sculpture collection in the world. I was mostly fascinated with the ceilings. The intricate, delicate, and astonishing artwork that lined these ceilings kept me at awe the entire tour. There was one room in particular that looked as though it was sculpted when it was actually a flat painting painted to look 3D. To think all those thousands of years ago, Michelangelo had the ability to create this astonishing ceiling that would “wow” people for years. After touring through the museum we headed into the Sistine Chapel. We were not allowed to take pictures, sadly, however it was breathtaking. Smaller than I had imagined, yet nevertheless it left you speechless.

(click to enlarge photos)

Upon exiting the Sistine Chapel we ventured into St. Peter’s Basilica. The largest building I’ve ever been in. It was humbling to see such a beautiful cathedral. If you notice throughout the pictures there is black lettering up near the ceiling. Those letters are 10 feet tall just to give you a reference to the actual size of the building. If you love history, as my husband does, the Vatican is most certainly a place to visit when in Rome. When exiting St. Peter’s Basilica into the square we had the best views with the sun setting behind the church.

(click to enlarge photos)

On our drive back to the boat we were luck enough to ride by the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. Needless to say, we packed a lot in a 12 hour tour. I will be visiting Rome again and plan to spend at least a week, if not more, exploring those sites left unseen and hopefully some shopping!

(click to enlarge photos)


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