Favorite Friday: FaceTime

This year it was our time to upgrade cell phones. Being the Apple lovers that we are we obviously got the new iPhone 4. Let me just say I ADORE it. There are many reasons that I am obsessed with my iPhone. Of course all the usual things that you love about an Apple product: speed, a million apps, ease of use, the 5 megapixel camera, the list could go on forever. However, today I have discovered yet another reason to love my iPhone. FaceTime. I now can have a lunch date everyday with my husband thanks to this amazing feature. We can also FaceTime his mom on her new iPod! How cool is that! It makes staying in touch that much easier and more personal. If you’re work involves jetsetting around the globe, really late nights, or you live more than a hop, skip and a jump away from your friends an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, which all come with FaceTime, are definitely the products for you. You can FaceTime wherever you are! No more Skype dates or waiting to hook up that handy webcam…just FaceTime no matter where you are. Apple not only cares about your work life and social networking, but your personal life as well. They created these features that help you stay close to those that you love. So Apple, thank you again for making me a firm believer in your products…and we’re already saving up for an iPad 2!!! Oh the addiction we have.

From: Apple iPhone 4


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