Favorite Friday: It’s Gel..It’s Polish..It Lasts FOREVER!

Before heading on our 2 week honeymoon I had to get my nails done. My cousin recently told me about this new thing called gel polish or shellac. I went to my local nail salon and asked for this special, extra long-lasting polish. The hostess popped out this wooden box filled with about 15 different containers. Each was a different color! I chose Russian Navy, classy, yet fun. Then they manicured my hands and painted two layers of base coat, then colored gel followed by a clear sealant. In between coats you put your nails under the UV lights. And in about 45 minutes…viola! You have beautiful and indestructible nails. I paid $35 for gel polish + manicure. To get this color removed and a new color on you must go to the salon or else you could ruin your natural nails, be careful ladies!! You may say well that’s not cheaper because you have to go back and have it removed. Well for $25 (at my local salon) I can have it removed and a new color painted on which I know will last a month. That is half the price of a full set + fill ins every two weeks!

I did some research and discovered who made these little jars of nail heaven and of course it was OPI. I would make sure that whichever salon you to uses this brand so that you know you are getting what you pay for.  My gel polish, that is still on by the way because I have to go and have it redone, has been on for over a month! No chips, no scratches, and it’s just as shiny as ever. The only thing is that is just grows out with your nails. It’s amazing! I scratched them on zippers, washing laundry, cooking, swimming, even once with the razor while shaving my legs and nothing!! No nicks, chips or a single peel!!! I highly recommend this for weddings, proms, or every day life. Especially if you’re like me and you cannot paint your own nails to save your life. It’s my new favorite thing. Now I can have professional, perfect nails for half the price of going once a week to get a manicure or a full set all because they last longer! Hooray for perfect nails and saving money!!


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