European Honeymoon Adventure Part 5: Venice, Italy

Venice stole my heart the minute I saw this.


It’s so…whimsical, romantic, and just flat-out unbelievable. You’re walking through this city with no cars and just lovely bridges and water everywhere! We had a tour the first afternoon we arrived which included a gondola ride. If you ever go to Venice you HAVE to do a gondola ride!!! You see the city from a whole new perspective.


Venice at night is a “must-see”. The whole city turns into this glowy, dreamy, and undeniably romantic heaven. We started our night out in St. Mark’s Square with dinner. It was so surreal to be sitting in this tiny restaurant right off the square eating at 11pm watching the people pass down this narrow alley and hear the city bustle. Once we finished with dinner we headed back to the square for gelato. The bands at the fancy restaurants in the square were playing, people were dancing, and then the bells started ringing. It felt like we were in a movie! Very romantic and truly took my breath away.

There is also no point in trying not to get lost in Venice because you will get lost ha. It’s inevitable and you should definitely just go with. You never know where the city will lead you. It lead us to the best pizza we’ve EVER had! We spent the rest of the day riding the water taxi exploring as much as we could.

Venice is complex, beautiful, and unimaginable. There are so many boroughs of the city to get lost in. If you want to experience Italy and all its magic Venice is definitely the place to go!


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