Travel Bucket List: Top 5

As you might all know at this point I am a travel junkie!! Put me on a plane to somewhere fabulous, memorable and with excellent cuisine and I’m a happy girl. This weekend my husband and I were making our travel bucket list for the next five years. Why for the next five years you might ask? Well, at this moment in time this is the time frame we have before we want to start a family and financially we could afford. So watch out world here we come!

1. Royal Davui Island, Fiji – This is our number one place to go in the next five years. Most likely for our 5th wedding anniversary. Travel + Leisure named it one of the world’s most romantic all-inclusive resorts. It is a dream spot to celebrate 5 yrs of marriage! Breathtaking!

2. Celebrity Cruises: So there are 3 itineraries that we’d love to take depending on money, time, and season. Personally, I think it’ll come down to drawing numbers out of a hat to decide ha.

12 Day Scandinavia & Russia Cruise – Amsterdam, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Denmark all are places that I feel cannot be missed if you are going to really experience Europe. I was also mildly obsessed with Russia for a bit in middle school and their culture fascinates me!

12 Day Immersive Wine Cruise – 12 days exploring the best wine towns in Europe! Leaving from Southampton, England staying two days in Paris and Bordeaux, France, Bilbao, Spain, and lastly Porto, Portugal. What is not to love!

11 Day Eastern Mediterranean Cruise – Santorini, Capri, Naples, and Mykonos!! Oh the sun, pizza, and blue, blue, blue ocean we shall see!! I want to come home with a sun-kissed tan!

3. Rome and Venice, Italy – I want to go back and spend a week in each of two of my favorite Italian cities. A day in each was not enough! I want to wander down the streets of Rome and be able to enjoy and soak in the culture. I want to ride in a gondola with nowhere to go in Venice and get lost in the maze of bridges.

4.  Couples San Souci Resort, Ocho Rios, Jamaica – Another anniversary trip because we believe in being on secluded islands with no distractions and plenty of relaxation to truly celebrate our accomplishments as a couple. What better way than being swept away in Jamaica? Also voted by Travel + Leisure as one of the world’s most romantic all-inclusive resorts. I think we would never leave the porch!

5. New York and Boston – All of our previous trips to NYC or Boston have been in the winter for NYE or on a group tourist trip. We would love to spend a week exploring these two cities at our own pace. Attend a Red Sox game, stroll through Greenwich Village, or lounge in Central Park and be able to truly appreciate these remarkable American cities.


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