Let the World Around You Inspire You

Now that I have had the chance to recuperate from our lovely weekend I am officially back in action!! Amidst the moving, family photos, and holidays that are swirling in my life right now I am constantly searching for new ideas. Color palettes are possibly one of my favorite things being as I am not naturally a “creative, mix and match” sort of color person. They provide inspiration for everything: house decor, parties, an outfit, and even a meal! Well I found the Holy Grail of color palettes on Pinterest. Design Seeds is a blog devoted to color. It takes inspiration from everything in life and transforms it into these amazing color palettes. It’s such a unique view on the world. I know there are those creative people who see these things all day long but it takes a bit more for me to get there. I love when I see a combination that I would have never thought of or that is so refreshing that I want to find something to incorporate it into my life immediately. Take a look at a few of my favorites below. Check out the full blog…you never know what might inspire you.  

 This one is for my sister she loves Penguins!

This one is for my mom and Spot dog (our Boston Terrier).


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