Favorite Friday: Accent on Wine

It amazing how much culture and food can be found in and around Charleston. I have lived in Summerville for the last 2.5 years and we still find new and exciting things to do! Last night we ventured out for Summerville’s Third Thursday. Much like Second Sunday on King, downtown Summerville shuts down to cars and all the shops bring their goods for sale on the street, and people out and about everywhere. It was a perfect Fall evening! We ate dinner at Alessandra’s Italian Eatery which was amazing and a hidden gem in Summerville. After our amazing tiramisu, we strolled down to Accent on Wine, our favorite wine bar in the Tri-County area. We walked in and quickly realized we’d have to keep an eye out for a seat as the place was packed! Everyone sipping on delicious wines, sampling cheeses, and laughter throughout the restaurant created the perfect evening. We sat at the bar and the owner, Stephane, guided me through the red wines until finally he chose a magnificent Chilean Carménère. They hold your ticket with these fun, toy animals so you never have to leave your card behind for a tab. The atmosphere is magical. It takes me back to Europe and reminds me of all the things I love about living in a cultural city. They also complement their fabulous selection of wines with a divine selection of meats and cheeses. During our first adventure there we ordered “The Whole Shebang” as it is called on the menu. You pick three cheeses and three meats that are accompanied with apples, nuts, figs, and crackers. I adore prosciutto and a smooth, flavorful cheese when sipping on wine and oh this place has it all! So if you haven’t yet popped in to visit the team at Accent on Wine I think you should. You won’t be disappointed.

Our tab keeper – isn’t he cute!

“The Whole Shebang” – Now that’s a cheese plate! Prosciutto , Genoa salami, smoked salmon, manchego, red dragon, and one more cheese I absolutely cannot think of the name!


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