Favorite Friday: Southern Savers

During a wonderful Friday off work I had lunch with a dear friend who has taken up this new craze of couponing and she has now got me hooked on a new website that officially has made Favorite Friday: Southern Savers. It is perfect for a person like me who has no patience or energy to devote to collecting newspapers and scourge websites printing tons of coupons.


Every week when all the local ads come out Jenny lists all the specials and their coupon match ups! She even puts links to all the manufacturers coupons and the major sunday coupons as well. It’s so easy! I just find my grocery store click on the weekly blog and right the are all the specials with links to additional coupons. She lists the source for these as well so if you the Sunday paper with these coupons she puts the date and which coupon it is. Then if you keep a binder you can go back and find it and boom even more savings! All of this with just a few clicks! So this is my Favorite Friday today! Another way to save for all those vacations, nights out, etc! I am totally game! Are you?


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