Resort Dilemma

I am in the process of doing research for our anniversary trip next year and I have run into a dilemma. We want to go to an island somewhere, all-inclusive (preferably couples only) and do nothing but lay in the sun, eat, and swim and get totally wrapped up that romantic way for 7 whole days. However, there are so MANY RESORTS!!!!  This is where you come in. Please lend me your knowledge, I’m begging you! Tell me where you’ve been and how wonderful or awful it was. Because between Jade MountainSandals, and many, many, many more it is making my head spin!!

Here are my requirements:

1. Fabulous service (AAA diamond and sorts)

2. All inclusive or packages to make it all-inclusive

3. Lots of dining options

4. Gorgeous sandy beaches

5. Safety when exploring out into the local cities

6. And no “cheese factor”, I’ve been to the Caribbean so I’m not looking to swim with dolphins nor am I fascinated with swim up bars. I want relaxation, fabulous views, and quality time with my husband.

This needs to me be next January…



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