Favorite Friday: Bold and Beautiful

While I was flipping though the latest Charleston Weddings today I suddenly came across a scene that looked very familiar to me: Lowndes Grove on a blustery yet, superbly sunny April day last year. Bold and beautiful colors of orange and green were everywhere transforming this classic Charleston venue into a stunning and unique reception. That was yet another spectacular day that I worked with Calder Clark Designs. As always it was a joyous and humbling experience to learn from one of the top Charleston event planners. I watched her take spring green patterned pillows and orange flowers and make her vision come to life. Before working with Calder I had been taught that most weddings in Charleston were cookie cutter…rustic, plantations, and lots of the same antique furniture. Same colors, same flowers, etc, etc, etc….BORING!! I realize now that working with Calder taught me that every event has it’s own identity and that all it takes is the simplest of details (it’s always in the details) to transform a cookie cutter event into a unique and unforgettable evening. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean. (See more on Calder’s Blog)

Check out the custom aisle runner!! Stunning…and yes all handmade!!

Wonder where the idea from the aisle runner came from….hmmmmm? Once again, it’s always in the details!

Photos: Gayle Brooker 


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