Lazy Day

I apologize for the absence lately here on my blog. I have been mastering how to manage my new promotion, full time school semester and life and a few things have fallen to the wayside and I hope to make up for it. I recently was promoted to the Catering Sales Manager position at my work and I am LOVING every minute of it!! It’s challenging, hard work, and all about organization which I love. Needless to say I’ve been completely swamped at learning the ropes and figuring out a plan of action for time management. So today has been a lazy day at home with my pooch, Gracie. So far we’ve slept in, caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, washed some laundry, visited my hotel peeps, and are getting ready to tackle some school work before we take an afternoon nap. (I think Gracie has already beaten me to this one ha) But this weekend I have made a promise to catch back up on my blogging as there are so many great things to tell you about!! So stayed turned!!!

Happy LAZY Friday!!


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