Progress Report 1

I must admit knowing I am going to report back to the world wide web and have all my friends and family know if I’m succeeding or not definitely adds the pressure. But clearly, not enough…

Wednesday, 7/24:
I almost completely failed. I came home and the world was a buzz with the new royal baby and I got completely sucked into my computer. However, Wednesday morning I did set my alarm at 7:30am and actually woke up and was semi-alert at 7:45am which is 15 minutes earlier than normal! Small victories!!

Thursday, 7/25:
Needless to say this morning was not as wonderful. For some reason my brain just did not want to get up no matter how much I kept telling it to. My bed was snuggly an my puppy was all cuddled with me and it was saying…”No, Carmen don’t leave us.” So I did not. And I heard on the radio recently that women burn up to 15,000 calories a year shopping, so I think that my shopping excursion on Thursday definitely counts! 🙂

Friday, 7/26:
Well my husband, the sweetest guy in the world, tried to help me this morning by putting my phone, aka alarm clock, across the room but that failed yet again. However, I did wake up at 7am thinking it was 9am and then fell back asleep. I should’ve just gotten up then!!!!! Ugh!! Tonight however, we had our friends came to stay with us for the weekend and we had an awesome Wii Tennis tournament!! I get very active in my tennis playing. Chris says I jump around like a jumping bean ha.

Saturday, 7/27:
So our friends were in town and we hit the beach most of the day. We did get in the ocean so swimming and wave riding was did for a lil while. Then we walked to dinner which was half a mile so I figure that was way better than just sitting down all day like I do at work.

Sunday, 7/28:
Today so far, we did quite a bit of walking downtown. We walked to brunch, then through the market, then to upper king. And we’re going to have another hour tennis tournament tonight. So that definitely counts for activity!! Tomorrow, I am going to start doing my HIIT (high intensity interval training) work out I found online. It’s going to be hard at first but there are a lot of good work outs on that website that I want to work up to!! I know I can do it!!!

I’ve also set a deadline sort of for my fitness goals. We’re doing family pictures in September so I am hoping to have lost 10 lbs by then and be feeling really toned. We shall see!!! Hope everyone has had a great weekend and STAY MOTIVATED!!!!


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