Super Surprise

So my progress report this Sunday contains a Super Surprise! My sister plotted with my husband and my amazing family showed up at my door on Thursday night to spend a fabulous weekend with me celebrating my birthday, which is Tuesday! I had thought earlier this week that there might be something going on but then I was disappointed when I came home Thursday night and there was no one there. Then about 45 mins later a knock on my door, I open it to see who it is and Calloway pops around the corner and every comes around saying Surprise!!! It was perfect!! I was so overwhelmed with joy and love. Birthday’s have always been very well celebrated in my family and it meant the world to me that they took the time to come down and surprise me for mine! I cooked a wonderful meal for them on Friday night then we spent all morning/afternoon on the beach on Saturday. Of course we all got dolled up and went downtown for a delicious Italian meal at Il Cortile Del Re. Lastly, we polished the weekend off right with our traditional Taco Boy trip today. It was splendid. I am so happy and can’t wait to get Monday started right with a workout before work and birthday celebrations on Tuesday with my hubby and then trying a new Zumba class on Thursday!! Look out world…here I come!!


Top Left: Lobster Ravioli Di Mare, Top Middle: Me and My Fella, Top Right: Chianti Classico

Bottom Left: My AMAZING Family! Bottom Right: Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola



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