Favorite Friday: Southern Savers

During a wonderful Friday off work I had lunch with a dear friend who has taken up this new craze of couponing and she has now got me hooked on a new website that officially has made Favorite Friday: Southern Savers. It is perfect for a person like me who has no patience or energy to devote to collecting newspapers and scourge websites printing tons of coupons.


Every week when all the local ads come out Jenny lists all the specials and their coupon match ups! She even puts links to all the manufacturers coupons and the major sunday coupons as well. It’s so easy! I just find my grocery store click on the weekly blog and right the are all the specials with links to additional coupons. She lists the source for these as well so if you the Sunday paper with these coupons she puts the date and which coupon it is. Then if you keep a binder you can go back and find it and boom even more savings! All of this with just a few clicks! So this is my Favorite Friday today! Another way to save for all those vacations, nights out, etc! I am totally game! Are you?


Life Planner

Sounds interesting right?? I bet you’re thinking like a life coach or some insane self-help book…but no! Erin Condren invented the Life Planner for all those busy women out there who are “go-getters” and need something to keep their world in order. It has everything you love about planners and organization all wrapped up into one neat little, personalized package! Go ahead, admit it, it kinda makes you squeal with excitement.

Photos: Erin Condren

Beauty in a Box

What woman doesn’t love beauty samples? My friend Steph introduced me to this lovely thing called Birchbox. For $10 a month you get designer beauty supplies delivered right to your door!! You can cancel at anytime, each sample is a deluxe size, and you can even gift it to someone! How amazing is that? Fill our your Beauty Profile and your Birchbox is customized to your beauty needs. All those products you long to try yet can’t afford to waste money on the whole bottle if you don’t love it, now right on your doorstep! Check it out here! Maybe even gift yourself with a Birchbox this Christmas…I know I am.


Give The People What They Want

Based on the title above, today I am inquiring into your minds…What do you want to know more about? The best places for take out in Charleston, DIY wedding details, tips for wedding dress shopping, how to make the most of your “fun days at sea”…ANYTHING! Tell me what you want to know and I’ll give it to ya!! I want to keep you interested and engaged! So go ahead, leave a comment below and tell me what you want to know. I’m all ears.

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Favorite Friday: FaceTime

This year it was our time to upgrade cell phones. Being the Apple lovers that we are we obviously got the new iPhone 4. Let me just say I ADORE it. There are many reasons that I am obsessed with my iPhone. Of course all the usual things that you love about an Apple product: speed, a million apps, ease of use, the 5 megapixel camera, the list could go on forever. However, today I have discovered yet another reason to love my iPhone. FaceTime. I now can have a lunch date everyday with my husband thanks to this amazing feature. We can also FaceTime his mom on her new iPod! How cool is that! It makes staying in touch that much easier and more personal. If you’re work involves jetsetting around the globe, really late nights, or you live more than a hop, skip and a jump away from your friends an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, which all come with FaceTime, are definitely the products for you. You can FaceTime wherever you are! No more Skype dates or waiting to hook up that handy webcam…just FaceTime no matter where you are. Apple not only cares about your work life and social networking, but your personal life as well. They created these features that help you stay close to those that you love. So Apple, thank you again for making me a firm believer in your products…and we’re already saving up for an iPad 2!!! Oh the addiction we have.

From: Apple iPhone 4

European Honeymoon Adventure Part 2: Rome and The Vatican

Rome is like being in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angles all at once. I have never been in a busier city in my entire life. As you walk down the streets of People’s Square towards the Spanish Steps they are lined with every designer store you can possibly imagine. Rodeo Drive ain’t got nothing on Rome. The sidewalks are about 5 feet wide, maybe. You try not to step into traffic because the drivers pay no attention to traffic laws and if you don’t watch out they’ll be a scooter on the sidewalk. All through this madness we were running through People’s Square trying to find the Trevi Fountain. They also do not grid their streets like NYC or SF does, so you have to pay very close attention or you’ll walk right past it and end up almost to the Colosseum as we did. After finally deciphering our map we turned a corner off this small alley and there it was! It made all the scurrying to find it completely worth it. Magnificant and much larger than anticipated, the Fountain is literally tucked away off this alley. I kissed a coin and made a wish as Chris threw it in. It is definitely something that should top your “must-see” list for Rome.

(click to enlarge photos)

After lunch we headed to the Vatican Museum. If you love art this is one place you should see. It holds the largest sculpture collection in the world. I was mostly fascinated with the ceilings. The intricate, delicate, and astonishing artwork that lined these ceilings kept me at awe the entire tour. There was one room in particular that looked as though it was sculpted when it was actually a flat painting painted to look 3D. To think all those thousands of years ago, Michelangelo had the ability to create this astonishing ceiling that would “wow” people for years. After touring through the museum we headed into the Sistine Chapel. We were not allowed to take pictures, sadly, however it was breathtaking. Smaller than I had imagined, yet nevertheless it left you speechless.

(click to enlarge photos)

Upon exiting the Sistine Chapel we ventured into St. Peter’s Basilica. The largest building I’ve ever been in. It was humbling to see such a beautiful cathedral. If you notice throughout the pictures there is black lettering up near the ceiling. Those letters are 10 feet tall just to give you a reference to the actual size of the building. If you love history, as my husband does, the Vatican is most certainly a place to visit when in Rome. When exiting St. Peter’s Basilica into the square we had the best views with the sun setting behind the church.

(click to enlarge photos)

On our drive back to the boat we were luck enough to ride by the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. Needless to say, we packed a lot in a 12 hour tour. I will be visiting Rome again and plan to spend at least a week, if not more, exploring those sites left unseen and hopefully some shopping!

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Airplane Etiquette

Over the past two weeks I’ve spent around 24 hours on airplanes. During these long flights I have realized a few etiquette rules that some people have seem to forgotten or were not taught as I was growing up. I wanted to share them with you so on your next flight your fellow passengers will not give you annoyed looks.

1. On our international flight all the seats had tv screens in the back of the head rest. Well if the person in front of you brings their own airplane seat cover (yes these exist) then how can you watch movies or use your screen at all to pass the time? Please be courteous and remember there are other people trying to relax on this very long flight and your seat cover, unless it has a hole in it for their screen, will not make your fellow passengers love you.

2. No matter how hard you slam your tray table into the back of the seat it will not close unless you are working the latch properly. Please be aware that slamming the tray table into the back of the seat does jolt the person in front of you.

3. Be aware of your fellow passengers. If the person behind you is still eating their meal it is not very kind to lower your seat back so their tray table is up to their chin. Wait a few moments for them to finish and then you can sit back and relax without having someone complain.

These are just a  few tips to help make your travels fun and restful. For more travel tips and forums no matter where your destination check out Fodor’s website. They have it all!

What are some travel tips you’ve learned on your adventures?

Our yummy airplane food on our Lufthansa flight 🙂 Pasta with spicy red sauce and even tiramisu!

Favorite Friday: It’s More Than Just Music

This Favorite Friday is all about dancing. What better topic than my favorite DJ! In North Carolina, if you want your event to be talked about for months, guests to never leave the dance floor and superb attention to detail there is only one thing you need…Virtual Sounds. They are one of the top DJ’s in the North Carolina area. Proms, weddings, high school reunions…these boys to do it all. Completing around 250 events a year, Errin Brown and his team will never disappoint. Errin took some time out of his busy schedule so that I could share some behind the scenes information.

From: Virtual Sounds

CJ – Why did you decide to start a DJ service company?

Errin – Great question. My best friend (Dustin) and I love messing with audio equipment of any kind, whether it’s a big P.A. system, car audio, or stage systems. We’ve always had a constant attraction to it and playing our favorite songs. People around us have always wanted us to bring a sound system. Then one day a friend of the family asked us to DJ a Mary Kay sock hop. LOL. That’s right. Mary Kay got my DJ career off the ground. The rest is history.

CJ – How did you come up with the name Virtual Sounds?

Errin – Our name “Virtual Sounds” came when we decided to become a mobile DJ business. We wanted something that sounded modern, state-of-the-art, and advanced. After tossing names around all evening we kept coming back to Virtual. So we said to each other, “Ok, Virtual what?” Virtual Sounds it is.

From: Virtual Sounds

CJ – What is your favorite aspect of DJing?

Errin – My favorite aspect of djing is very simple. I love what music does to people. Everyone likes different styles of music everywhere you go. However, it makes everyone feel the same, happy. I love to be around happy people no matter what I am doing. So having a job where I get the opportunity to make people feel happy is a constant rush and motivation for me.

CJ – What is your least favorite aspect of DJing?

Errin – My least favorite aspect of djing is also simple. Being away from my family on the weekends. Although this is how I support my family, it’s very tough being away from my family on the weekends unlike most traditional families. Therefore you will likely see me out on Monday and Tuesday, that’s when our “weekend” begins.

From: Virtual Sounds

CJ – If you could give one piece of advice to your clients what would it be?

Errin – The best advice I could give one of our clients would be: remember what you hired the DJ to do-entertain your guests. So don’t get so caught up in all the things that you want. Your guests seem to get overlooked. Sure, it’s your special day and it’s very obvious. However, you are surrounded by 50-500 of your closest friends. They are there supporting you and celebrating with you. So if you have a certain song on your “do not play list”, consider your guests’ song requests and still allow your DJ to play your guests’ songs that they would like to hear as well. A great DJ will keep your playlist in mind at all times and mix it with the songs that are packing out the dance floor. Therefore, everyone is happy. Sure, you don’t like that song but, look at Uncle
Bobby out there having a good ole time.

CJ – What has been your favorite event to date? Why?

Errin – I personally, have well over 1,000 events under my belt, so choosing one is hard. A few years ago I did a wedding in Cape Hatteras NC, the great outer banks. We had one of our big signature setups ready to go outside. It was a little windy already but, the day, and wind, was pressing on. Once the ceremony was over, the guests began to make their way to the reception. Each minute that went by the wind keep increasing. After about 30 minutes, there was a 40 mile per hour head wind making every one very uncomfortable. I couldn’t even turn my microphone on without getting white noise overpowering the music. Here I had all my big equipment lights with trussing and sound equipment ready for a big party. The mother of the groom finally came up and said “We are asking everyone to go inside. We can’t handle the wind and possible rain. Would you mind taking a speaker upstairs to the 4th floor and just playing a little music?” Without hesitation I had my crew load up the truck and I took my mixer, laptop, speaker, and a tripod to the 4th floor. So back to my roots is where I went, no fancy stuff. Just me and a microphone and speaker. I totally rocked that party and kept a crowd of about 50 people dancing all night long. I received many compliments and bookings from that wedding. It’s truly one I will never forget.

From: Kerri Crutchfield Photography

CJ – Share one personal, unique, or silly thing that makes your company different from all the rest.

Errin – The thing that makes us unique at Virtual Sounds is the incredible staff. If you are going to work for Virtual Sounds, you must have a sincere passion about what you do. The staff would work for free and never settle for just getting by. The staff will always go the extra step to make sure you have the best party ever, one that you will remember for a life time. It’s something you really can’t put into words, but I recognize it the first time I take someone to their first gig.