So What?

This was the theme for the sermon we listened to at church on Sunday. So what does the sermon you are preaching have to do with my everyday life? So what does seeking the Kingdom of God have to do with me during a staff meeting? So what? It definitely spoke to me as I know I can relate to thinking, “ok that’s great Pastor, but how am I suppose to seek the Kingdom first every day when my life is already busy enough?”

We all go about our lives each day worrying about everything and anything we can imagine to worry about. But the point that the Pastor drove home on Sunday was that we’re supposed to seek the Kingdom first. Not in the middle, not last, not when we stop planning or worrying, not whenever we remember, but FIRST. That is how the Kingdom affects our normal daily grind. If we are seeking the Kingdom first and casting all of our cares upon the Lord then all the rest will fall into place.

31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6: 31-33

It struck me at that moment that I spend a lot of my day worrying/planning for the future. I spend way less time seeking His Kingdom. It also made me think that if I put my faith in the Lord, which I do, then why should my days be filled with worries about these things? My days should be spent praising Him for the peace He gives, joyfully enjoying this life I’ve been blessed with, and taking the time to focus on Him each day.

So if you worry, stress, or just flat-out plan too much like I do, do not forget to include God in your daily life. I know that it is impossible sometimes to not become overwhelmed with life and feel defeated. But I also know that if you take the time each day to seek Him first when these moments do come you won’t feel quite so beat down or want to give up. You’ll rely on the Lord as you should to carry you through and show you His way. Take the time to seek Him each day and ask Him to help you in the small ways in life. So when the storms come you’ll be ready and others will see the peace you have that no worry can take from you.



A Bit of Encouragement

I was perusing through my Facebook status updates when I spotted a friend who always has the most honest, inspiring, and uplifting things to say. And this was her status today:

“When I decided to get super serious about lifestyle changes and getting healthy, I could barely get through running for one minute and could not do a single pushup. Today my workout included running for 12 minutes straight and completing a mile in that time, and busting out 40 pushups. Find your motivation and run with it! Accept that you’ll have great days and bad days, big changes in a short period and standstills. You don’t have to pressure yourself by putting yourself in a time crunch. Getting and staying healthy is something that will last a lifetime, not something you work at for six months.”

It really spoke to me and made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my daily struggles to be healthy and fit. So I wanted to pass along the encouragement as I know there are so many others out there just taking it one day at a time just like me!!! So stay focused, don’t get discouraged, and keep going!!!

Me, Myself and Lies

Today I begin a journey….into my thought closet. My own mind and how I think about everything. I’m excited and anxious to being this new adventure as I have been struggling the last year with insecurity which is something new for me. I was always that girl who didn’t care what anyone thought. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and wore what I wanted, and said what I wanted, without a thought to anyone else.

Well as I’ve matured I’ve learned that is not how it goes. I’ve learned there’s a time to hold your tongue and a time to be gentle and supportive. I’ve also had this new-found insecurity come up in my mind about myself and my looks. I’m in the transition phase between 20 something girl to a married woman. It’s hard finding your identity in the in between. I hope and pray that this study will show me the way to be a beautiful, humble, confident woman of God.

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.” Psalm 19:14


Progress Report 1

I must admit knowing I am going to report back to the world wide web and have all my friends and family know if I’m succeeding or not definitely adds the pressure. But clearly, not enough…

Wednesday, 7/24:
I almost completely failed. I came home and the world was a buzz with the new royal baby and I got completely sucked into my computer. However, Wednesday morning I did set my alarm at 7:30am and actually woke up and was semi-alert at 7:45am which is 15 minutes earlier than normal! Small victories!!

Thursday, 7/25:
Needless to say this morning was not as wonderful. For some reason my brain just did not want to get up no matter how much I kept telling it to. My bed was snuggly an my puppy was all cuddled with me and it was saying…”No, Carmen don’t leave us.” So I did not. And I heard on the radio recently that women burn up to 15,000 calories a year shopping, so I think that my shopping excursion on Thursday definitely counts! 🙂

Friday, 7/26:
Well my husband, the sweetest guy in the world, tried to help me this morning by putting my phone, aka alarm clock, across the room but that failed yet again. However, I did wake up at 7am thinking it was 9am and then fell back asleep. I should’ve just gotten up then!!!!! Ugh!! Tonight however, we had our friends came to stay with us for the weekend and we had an awesome Wii Tennis tournament!! I get very active in my tennis playing. Chris says I jump around like a jumping bean ha.

Saturday, 7/27:
So our friends were in town and we hit the beach most of the day. We did get in the ocean so swimming and wave riding was did for a lil while. Then we walked to dinner which was half a mile so I figure that was way better than just sitting down all day like I do at work.

Sunday, 7/28:
Today so far, we did quite a bit of walking downtown. We walked to brunch, then through the market, then to upper king. And we’re going to have another hour tennis tournament tonight. So that definitely counts for activity!! Tomorrow, I am going to start doing my HIIT (high intensity interval training) work out I found online. It’s going to be hard at first but there are a lot of good work outs on that website that I want to work up to!! I know I can do it!!!

I’ve also set a deadline sort of for my fitness goals. We’re doing family pictures in September so I am hoping to have lost 10 lbs by then and be feeling really toned. We shall see!!! Hope everyone has had a great weekend and STAY MOTIVATED!!!!

Severely Unmotivated

Between moving, work, marriage, family and just life in general I have been procrastinating with every fiber of my being any kind of exercise. I want to be better. I want to want to work out. I want to like to work out. But for some reason I can’t seem to find my motivation. I can eat healthy, I can not eat sweets, I can not drink. For some reason I just can’t get the last part of motivating my behind to be consistent. So to add the pressure I am going to do 3 things:

1. Work out in some way shape or form for at least 20 minutes a day
2. Work towards being a morning person
3. Report every Sunday to you on here my accomplishments or my unsuccessful attempts

I think with these three things that I could make my efforts realistic and possibly achieve something!! I just have to remember.



There’s no excuse except that quite frankly I got lazy! But I’ve been taking notes and brainstorming over the last few weeks and I’m ready to come back to the blogosphere in full force!! Today I saw this image on Pinterest and it has completely been the essence of my life lately. I think that we forget follow through in all aspects of our life. Things we dream up and ponder all of a sudden become forgotten because we put no action behind them. So today, be proactive and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Otherwise you’ll look back and be like man, I had a lot of dreams but not a lot of adventures. And I know personally, I want a lot of adventures!


Photo: Apartment 34

Subtlety is Key

I know all you 2012 brides are rolling up your sleeves and getting down to the nitty-gritty of wedding planning….details and color schemes. Remember when planning your day that subtlety is key. Don’t overwhelm your guests with too many patterns or a mish-mash of colors. You want your day to have a cohesive look that is timeless and elegant while still reflecting your personality. There are a few easy ways to achieve this.

1. Think outside the box with color schemes. Don’t choose the same old pink and navy or aqua and chocolate. Maybe choose shades of pink with touches of cobalt blue or a fun, funky aqua pattern with hints of chocolate for the smallest details. This will set your event apart from all the other weddings your guests are bound to attend this bustling wedding season. Just remember to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and be SUBTLE.

Photo: The Sweetest Occasion

2. Once you have picked your perfect color scheme now you can add those extra special touches in the smallest of places that will make the entire event come together. For example, fabrics…they can be used on pillows, lamp shades, linens, back drop for the photo booth, or even incorporated into your cake. All of these cohesive design elements will make your event seem smooth and classic.

Photos: Mood Fabrics

3. You can even incorporate your colors or pattern into the bridal party by thinking outside the box for bridesmaids dresses!

Photo: The Sweetest Occasion

Photo: A Bryan Photo for Southern Weddings

4. And lastly, you can incorporate your color scheme or theme through the catering or rentals. Adding bookshelves behind a normal table bar, having server attire, or even patterned china can add just enough detail to make your event seem truly elegant.

Photo: A Bryan Photo for Southern Weddings

The Inspired Room is Truly Inspiring

So as we have been settling into our new place and putting the finishing touches into place I have been loving all the fabulous ideas from Melissa at The Inspired Room. A girl can always dream one day about her dream house and I love this idea of using molding to accent pictures going up a staircase!

Picture Molding

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

And 12 Creative Rooms for Organization! I mean honestly who doesn’t love organization I know I do!!

I could totally snuggle up in that window seat with a good book and my Gracie dog forever.

Photos: Better Homes & Gardens

Melissa has also written a book that I MUST read and will blog about after…Not a DIY Diva: How to Create an Authentically Inspired Life in a Pinterest World. Melissa says, “This book is about embracing your authentic style and way of living at home so that you can be content,  even in this ‘perfect image’ world we live in.” I do believe it was written for me!! It’s so easy to be jealous of someones “perfect” home or all the fabulous things we see on Pinterest. However, we must learn to be content and love our own style and what we can afford. I think I’m going to enjoy it! Be on the look out for my review soon.

In the meantime if you’re looking for lots of out of the box ideas, simple, budget-friendly DIY’s or just need to ogle over some delicious design check out The Inspired Room. It’s sure to get the creative juices flowing!

The Happiest People…

Well people I am back. Yes, all the Christmasing, packing, and moving are now over. I am officially exhausted and incredibly happy. I saw this wonderful quote that sums up my life at this moment today on Pinterest, since I finally have some moments to sit down and pursue again.

This is beyond true. I remember a sermon I heard at Seacoast last summer where the Pastor was talking about contentment and joy. His basic point was the same concept as this quote. We will never have everything we want all the time, so we have to remember to focus on all that God has blessed us with right now at this moment. Rejoice in all of the life that He has given you for that is what having joy is. It’s remembering not to get caught up in this materialistic world, and enjoy life as it is each and every day, one day at a time. Now I’m not saying don’t strive for better or more because moving forward is always a positive thing, just do not become focused on having the “new, it things” all the time. If you spend all of your time worrying about what you don’t have then how can you be happy with what is right in front of you? So that is my little tidbit of advice that I have been reminded of during the past couple of weeks. Yes, our new place may not be recently renovated or have a dishwasher, but it is 3 blocks away from Upper King, and is so cozy and classically Charleston. So I am thankful and joyful for being able to live in this divine piece of heaven every single day.