A Bit of Encouragement

I was perusing through my Facebook status updates when I spotted a friend who always has the most honest, inspiring, and uplifting things to say. And this was her status today:

“When I decided to get super serious about lifestyle changes and getting healthy, I could barely get through running for one minute and could not do a single pushup. Today my workout included running for 12 minutes straight and completing a mile in that time, and busting out 40 pushups. Find your motivation and run with it! Accept that you’ll have great days and bad days, big changes in a short period and standstills. You don’t have to pressure yourself by putting yourself in a time crunch. Getting and staying healthy is something that will last a lifetime, not something you work at for six months.”

It really spoke to me and made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my daily struggles to be healthy and fit. So I wanted to pass along the encouragement as I know there are so many others out there just taking it one day at a time just like me!!! So stay focused, don’t get discouraged, and keep going!!!


DYI: Dining Table

As you all know we can’t seem to stay in one apartment for very long. So in our moving experience this time around we decided to refinish a dining table we bought off of Craigslist for $20. We used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, which I HIGHLY recommend! It’s fabulous to work with especially if you’re like we were and had no clue what we were doing ha.

This was what ours started out as.


We choose these colors.



Of course we started with the legs because those are really easy to redo considering we did mess up twice ha. So once we had our technique down pat we then completed the top. We painted 2 coats of Barcelona Orange then two coats of Provence. Then we sanded our hearts out!!

This was definitely the hardest but most rewarding part! It took 2 days but we achieved the look we were wanting. Lastly, we waxed it with the Annie Sloan Soft Wax and let it cure for 72 hrs right before we moved.

Now we have this lovely wonderful table!! It was a wonderful way for us to spend time together and I love how it turned out!!  We definitely would recommend the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to anyone wanting to refinish furniture it is amazing to work with! Next up are the chairs!!