Where’d All The Time Go???

So guys, if there are any followers out there haha. It’s just been way too flippin long. And I tonight I have decided to return. So if there’s anyone out there still reading be on the look out cause new posts will be coming your way real soon…aka tomorrow!!! Stay tuned…




What every day needs to be like! Plenty of sun, friends, food, reading, and all around good times.

Gloriously Glazed

Over the last two months I have become recently obsessed with Glazed, a new gourmet doughnut shop on Upper King Street. It took me a while to make it to Glazed the first time seeing as how they were selling out of doughnuts every day by lunch. So finally one morning when we had friends in town we decided to make Glazed our breakfast stop, and oh was it heaven. Right next door to Macintosh on Upper King Street lies their store front. It is sleek and simple with doughnuts on display right as you walk in the door. They use all fresh ingredients and with a daily-changing menu they mix it up with flavors like Orange Pistachio, Maple Bacon, and PB& J. So far out of all the flavors I have tried my favorite is the traditional Glazed, it literally melts in your mouth. Fluffy and moist it’s everything you hope for in a perfect doughnut. Add a cold glass of milk on a bench in Marion Square and you have the start to a perfect day.

Pictured above: Top Left: Glazed, Top Right: Cinnamon Sugar Twist, Bottom: Maple Bacon


There’s no excuse except that quite frankly I got lazy! But I’ve been taking notes and brainstorming over the last few weeks and I’m ready to come back to the blogosphere in full force!! Today I saw this image on Pinterest and it has completely been the essence of my life lately. I think that we forget follow through in all aspects of our life. Things we dream up and ponder all of a sudden become forgotten because we put no action behind them. So today, be proactive and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Otherwise you’ll look back and be like man, I had a lot of dreams but not a lot of adventures. And I know personally, I want a lot of adventures!


Photo: Apartment 34

Lazy Day

I apologize for the absence lately here on my blog. I have been mastering how to manage my new promotion, full time school semester and life and a few things have fallen to the wayside and I hope to make up for it. I recently was promoted to the Catering Sales Manager position at my work and I am LOVING every minute of it!! It’s challenging, hard work, and all about organization which I love. Needless to say I’ve been completely swamped at learning the ropes and figuring out a plan of action for time management. So today has been a lazy day at home with my pooch, Gracie. So far we’ve slept in, caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, washed some laundry, visited my hotel peeps, and are getting ready to tackle some school work before we take an afternoon nap. (I think Gracie has already beaten me to this one ha) But this weekend I have made a promise to catch back up on my blogging as there are so many great things to tell you about!! So stayed turned!!!

Happy LAZY Friday!!

Favorite Friday: Bold and Beautiful

While I was flipping though the latest Charleston Weddings today I suddenly came across a scene that looked very familiar to me: Lowndes Grove on a blustery yet, superbly sunny April day last year. Bold and beautiful colors of orange and green were everywhere transforming this classic Charleston venue into a stunning and unique reception. That was yet another spectacular day that I worked with Calder Clark Designs. As always it was a joyous and humbling experience to learn from one of the top Charleston event planners. I watched her take spring green patterned pillows and orange flowers and make her vision come to life. Before working with Calder I had been taught that most weddings in Charleston were cookie cutter…rustic, plantations, and lots of the same antique furniture. Same colors, same flowers, etc, etc, etc….BORING!! I realize now that working with Calder taught me that every event has it’s own identity and that all it takes is the simplest of details (it’s always in the details) to transform a cookie cutter event into a unique and unforgettable evening. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean. (See more on Calder’s Blog)

Check out the custom aisle runner!! Stunning…and yes all handmade!!

Wonder where the idea from the aisle runner came from….hmmmmm? Once again, it’s always in the details!

Photos: Gayle Brooker 

Resort Dilemma

I am in the process of doing research for our anniversary trip next year and I have run into a dilemma. We want to go to an island somewhere, all-inclusive (preferably couples only) and do nothing but lay in the sun, eat, and swim and get totally wrapped up that romantic way for 7 whole days. However, there are so MANY RESORTS!!!!  This is where you come in. Please lend me your knowledge, I’m begging you! Tell me where you’ve been and how wonderful or awful it was. Because between Jade MountainSandals, and many, many, many more it is making my head spin!!

Here are my requirements:

1. Fabulous service (AAA diamond and sorts)

2. All inclusive or packages to make it all-inclusive

3. Lots of dining options

4. Gorgeous sandy beaches

5. Safety when exploring out into the local cities

6. And no “cheese factor”, I’ve been to the Caribbean so I’m not looking to swim with dolphins nor am I fascinated with swim up bars. I want relaxation, fabulous views, and quality time with my husband.

This needs to me be next January…


Subtlety is Key

I know all you 2012 brides are rolling up your sleeves and getting down to the nitty-gritty of wedding planning….details and color schemes. Remember when planning your day that subtlety is key. Don’t overwhelm your guests with too many patterns or a mish-mash of colors. You want your day to have a cohesive look that is timeless and elegant while still reflecting your personality. There are a few easy ways to achieve this.

1. Think outside the box with color schemes. Don’t choose the same old pink and navy or aqua and chocolate. Maybe choose shades of pink with touches of cobalt blue or a fun, funky aqua pattern with hints of chocolate for the smallest details. This will set your event apart from all the other weddings your guests are bound to attend this bustling wedding season. Just remember to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and be SUBTLE.

Photo: The Sweetest Occasion

2. Once you have picked your perfect color scheme now you can add those extra special touches in the smallest of places that will make the entire event come together. For example, fabrics…they can be used on pillows, lamp shades, linens, back drop for the photo booth, or even incorporated into your cake. All of these cohesive design elements will make your event seem smooth and classic.

Photos: Mood Fabrics

3. You can even incorporate your colors or pattern into the bridal party by thinking outside the box for bridesmaids dresses!

Photo: The Sweetest Occasion

Photo: A Bryan Photo for Southern Weddings

4. And lastly, you can incorporate your color scheme or theme through the catering or rentals. Adding bookshelves behind a normal table bar, having server attire, or even patterned china can add just enough detail to make your event seem truly elegant.

Photo: A Bryan Photo for Southern Weddings

Favorite Friday: Southern Savers

During a wonderful Friday off work I had lunch with a dear friend who has taken up this new craze of couponing and she has now got me hooked on a new website that officially has made Favorite Friday: Southern Savers. It is perfect for a person like me who has no patience or energy to devote to collecting newspapers and scourge websites printing tons of coupons.


Every week when all the local ads come out Jenny lists all the specials and their coupon match ups! She even puts links to all the manufacturers coupons and the major sunday coupons as well. It’s so easy! I just find my grocery store click on the weekly blog and right the are all the specials with links to additional coupons. She lists the source for these as well so if you the Sunday paper with these coupons she puts the date and which coupon it is. Then if you keep a binder you can go back and find it and boom even more savings! All of this with just a few clicks! So this is my Favorite Friday today! Another way to save for all those vacations, nights out, etc! I am totally game! Are you?

Worn Out

So I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the past few days and this picture is exactly how I feel tonight…

Pooped! But no worries my faithful followers I have some new posts in the works so be on the look out soon!!! I haven’t forgotten about you!!

Happy Monday!